Fact Sheet

+ Alabama Rural Ministry was launched in May of 1998 in Livingston, Ala. in response to the need for home repair in rural areas of Alabama.

+ The ministry was founded by Florida native, Lisa Pierce, who spent several years serving with the Wesley Foundation. 

+ The mission of Alabama Rural Ministry is to express the love of Christ to people in need. Alabama Rural Ministry coordinates home repair efforts and children’s day camps in rural parts of Alabama. Volunteers assist with these efforts. 

+ Alabama Rural Ministry currently has a staff of three, full-time employees and 400 volunteers annually. The ministry currently serves 25 families in Sumter, Macon and Mobile counties and hopes to service up to 70 families in the next year. 

+ The organization’s volunteer base is composed primarily of teams from local universities, churches, schools and other non-profit organizations.

+ Funding for the organization is provided through partnerships, monthly monetary commitments and sponsorships of individual families and children. The ministry works with an annual budget of $165,000.

+ Goals for the coming year include establishing field offices at the Livingston and Tuskegee sites, and rebuilding the ministry’s volunteer base after losing a substantial number to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.