1. Thursday, March 5, 2009

    ARM Across Alabama


     This is urgent so make your plans now! We pray we can count on you to make this happen!
    ARM announces a walk across the state of Alabama called “ARM Across Alabama”. The walk beginning June 8th will span eleven days and will be used to raise awareness about poverty and substandard housing throughout the Black Belt-the most poverty stricken counties in Alabama. Launching from Tuskegee, the walk will traverse through Black Belt counties with stops in Montgomery, Selma, Union Town, and Demopolis. The walk will end in Livingston on June 19th.
    Why are we walking? The housing market is down and people are nervous about the economy. More and more families facing job loss and financial hardships must make sacrifices when it comes to making vital repairs. Hope seems out of reach…and our mission becomes all the more important. ARM is committed to meeting the needs of families on fixed incomes by partnering with them to provide needed home repairs. So, here is our approach to the issues in our economy.
    We are encouraging all Alabamians to participate and help us raise awareness and $111,000 used to serve more families. Volunteers can walk the entire distance, walk for a day, or part of the distance. If people cannot join us on the route, they can walk in their own community. People who cannot walk can still participate by giving to this vital movement.
    As we stop in communities, we will be presenting information about how we can work together to end poverty in our communities. Rallies are planned at town/city stops as well as times when we will stop to work on homes.
    To participate, individuals need to register on our website. We also need churches help us get the word out and host the walkers each night. This effort will help us see the need in our communities and create tangible ways to be a part of the solution.
    To register or get more information, visit our website
    To contact Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) call us at (334) 501-4276 or email at
    We’ll see you on the walk!

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  2. Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Alabama Rural Ministry Helps

    Opelika/Auburn News highlight upcoming Make A Difference Day for 2008

  3. Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Group Repairs Homes for Make A Difference Day

    Auburn Plainsman Article

  4. Friday, December 7, 2007

    Pitch Letter

    December 7, 2007


    Ashley Bond

    Public Relations

    Alabama Rural Ministry


    Gena Doggett Robbins, Editor

    Sumter County Record


    Paul Davis, Editor

    The Tuskegee News


    Wayne Snow, Editor

    The Opelika-Auburn News


    Dear Fellow Journalists,


    I am writing to inform you that Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) now has a fully purposed online media room. Should your publication ever require information about ARM, I would encourage you to visit this newly designed site at http://www.alabamarural    


    Alabama Rural Ministry serves underprivileged families in the counties of Sumter, Lee, Macon and Mobile, Ala., through basic home repair. If you would like any additional information about ARM or its media room, please email me at



    Ashley Bond

    Public Relations

    Alabama Rural Ministry

  5. Monday, November 19, 2007

    Alabama Rural Ministry Accepting Applications for Summer Staff

    Alabama Rural Ministry Accepting Applications for Summer Staff

    Local non-profit organization seeks willing college students to serve with its summer ministry

    * Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) is seeking selfless, dedicated college students to join ARM's summer mission staff

    * Desired positions include day camp staff, site directors, and construction coordinators. Detailed descriptions of all positions can be found on ARM's website,

    * Session dates are as follows: June session: May 25- June 28; July session: June 28- August 7; Full summer session: May 25- Aug. 7

    * Applications are available on the ARM website, All applications must be postmarked by March 16, 2008 

    * Compensation is provided in the form of scholarships. A $1600 base scholarship is provided and includes a $20 per week stipend, housing, meals, and travel reimbursement. Staff may also increase their salary to $4000 through individual fundraising

    * A mandatory training retreat for all staff is scheduled for May 13-24, 2007


    "We are seeking young adult Christians with a heart to serve 'the least of these' and to work with youth groups coming to do home repair or work with our summer day camps."

    "You'll experience diversity and love by joining a new community of peers, youth, families and children."

    Alabama Rural Ministry currently serves over 25 families in the cities of Livingston, Tuskegee and Wilmer, Ala. Services include home repair and day camps for children. ARM is staffed predominately through volunteer teams from local universities, churches, schools and other organizations. Funding is provided through partnerships, monthly monetary commitments and sponsorships of individual families and children.
    • Lisa Pierce (Spokesperson)
      Alabama Rural Ministry
      Executive Director
      131 South Gay Street
      Auburn, AL 36831

      334.501.4276 (office)
      334.887.3231 (fax)

      Web site:

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  6. Monday, November 5, 2007

    Alabama Rural Ministry Backgrounder


    Alabama Rural Ministry begins with the person of Lisa Pierce. A member of the Auburn Wesley Foundation while in college, Lisa visited poor areas of Appalachia Virginia and Kentucky on several mission trips. The great need for home repair in these areas inspired Lisa to begin similar work in needy areas of Alabama.

    In 1996, Lisa went to the University of West Alabama (located in Livingston, Ala.) as the Wesley Foundation Director. In that capacity, Lisa was able to talk to various local church leaders about beginning a ministry in rural Alabama communities like Livingston. In 1998, with the support of church leaders and friends, Lisa founded Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM).

    That first summer, ARM hosted four work teams and worked with eight families. As volunteer numbers tripled during the next two years, ARM starting hosting day camps for the children at their various construction sites. In 2002, ARM began work at an additional site in Tuskegee, in East Alabama. With the addition of the Tuskegee site, the number of summer work teams increased to 23, the number of staff increased to 12, and 46 families were served.

    ARM received their official non-profit status in 2003. Today, ARM serves over 25 families in the cities of Livingston, Tuskegee and Wilmer, Ala. They continue their services of home repair and day camps with the help of around 300 volunteers each summer. Funding continues to be provided through grants, partnerships and sponsorships of individual families and children.



  7. Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Alabama Rural Ministry Reaches Out to Impoverished Community

    Lisa Pierce began Alabama Rural Ministry in 1998 with little more than a dream and a handful of volunteers.

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  8. Thursday, October 4, 2007

    Ministry Plans to "Make a Difference"

    The Alabama Rural Ministry, based in Auburn, plans a Make a Difference Day, for Oct. 20.

  9. Saturday, November 4, 2006

    Volunteers Assist with Local Housing Repair Ministry

    Auburn citizens volunteered with projects of a local housing repair ministry on the occasion of the annual nationwide Make A Difference Day this past Saturday.

  10. Wednesday, March 20, 2002

    ARM of the South Reaches Out to Those in Need

    On a cool March afternoon, Lisa Pierce and Stephanie Welton are hard at work patching the roof of a stranger's trailer they've only just met...

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