Local Leaders Living in Shacks

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Local church pastors and ministry leaders are uniting together in our 8th Annual  "Sweet Homes for Alabama" aka "No more Shacks Campaign" with Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM). Lisa Pierce, director of ARM will live in a make shift shack for up to eight days. Other ministry leaders will commit to several hours in another "shack" next to Lisa's. The goal is to raise awareness about poverty housing in our local area and Alabama, provide efforts for people to volunteer to help repair homes, and to raise $55,000 which helps ARM repair these homes. The need is great as there are over 100 families who have called in requesting help in our local area. With a housing shortage of 90,000 units in Alabama and a declining housing stock with our elderly, the need is always great and before us.

The “shacks” will be located in front of the AU Wesley Foundation along Gay Street (across from Tiger Rags) beginning Friday October 16th.  Lisa and others will have information about poverty in Alabama and specifically Lee and Macon Counties. This is a children’s event as well. Kids who give a $5 donation or more will receive a paint brush and be able to “paint” part of the shack as a way to connect them with home repair and brighten the shack. They also get a free paint brush. Other information will be available about tangible ways to volunteer and help families in our community. Rain or shine, we will be there!

ARM will also be sponsoring lunch seminars with other organizations who will lead short sessions about poverty or other aspects of families in our community. These will be held on campus beginning Monday Oct. 19st and running through Wednesday October 22nd  in the AU Student Center 2216 from 12-1.

ARM is a 501(c)3 faith based organization that serves families through home repair and children’s ministry. Each year we are able to repair 30-40 homes for families in our community. Most of the work includes roof repair, floor repair, and building handicap accessible features. The families served tend to be elderly, have a disability, or are single-parent units. Volunteers work alongside of the families to complete repairs. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information about The Shack or the workshops, see our web site http://www.arm-al.org/extend-with-us/no-more-shacks-campaign email lisa@arm-al.org, or call (334) 501-4276. This link is a short 3 minute video about the event: 


Help us make sweet homes for Alabama!