Stuck in a Shack...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

 Hi Friends,

Lisa goes in the “Shack” on Oct. 27! Help ARM raise $20K to get her out and serve 39 families through needed home repair!

As we all continue to trudge through our economy and tough financial choices, we are ever mindful of families isolated in rural communities who also struggle on limited incomes, mainly living off of social security which is typically $500-$700 a month. Being 10-15 miles from the nearest grocery store drives up fuel prices and the upcoming winter have many worried about staying warm. These are already hard conditions so imagine adding a leaking roof or dangerously weak floor. That is why ARM replicates what it’s like to live in substandard housing by living in a shack! Lisa, ARM’s director confines herself to this shack and the small area outside of it. She will do this for nine days or until raising $20,000 Located in front of the Auburn Wesley Foundation on Gay Street, Lisa lives in this small structure for over a week. It is long and wide enough to fit a twin mattress and sits on the back of a flatbed trailer. The Wesley Foundation provides her with a place to clean up and the community brings her meals each day.  Whether it is hot, rainy, cold, or somewhere in between, Lisa will stay there!

This is an annual event to help Lisa and Alabamians get out of the shack! ARM's goal is $20,000 which will be applied to 39 families in Alabama. You can donate online, make a pledge, or give at the Buildmore Store in Opelika. Go see Lisa and find out ways that you can help! Kids can paint on the shack for $5 and will receive a free paintbrush!

We have something new this year! There will be poverty workshops beginning Monday Oct. 31st where you can learn about other factors of poverty in Alabama. See the list below and locations. These all begin at noon and end at 1:00 PM. Bring a lunch and come join us!

Monday: Alabama Arise: Shakita Jones - Auburn UMC Epworth Center  "Poverty and Public Policy"

Tuesday: Hale Empowerment Organization: Pam Dorr (HERO)- Auburn Wesley Foundation

Wednesday: Alabama Possible: Kristina Scott- Auburn Wesley Foundation

   “A Community Listening Session with Alabama Possible”

Thursday: Habitat for Humanity- St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

 Friday: AU Rural Sociology:  Mr. Norbert Wilson- Auburn 1st Presbyterian Church

  “Food Instability and Rural Communities”


For more information call (334) 501-4276 visit or email

Thanks and come by and visit!